Margie Medlin's Live Interactive Robot Performance

Quartet was a project to develop a real-time interactive robot to perform live in stage with a dancer and a musician.   Advanced motion control technology was used to capture the dancer's movements.  I chose motion sensors made by Microstrain in the US.  These were interfaced via a serial data protocol radio link devised by Glen Anderson and converted to motor control signals at the robot.  Movement data could also be simultaneously recorded by a separate computer running Motion Builder software, as well as control a 3D Avatar which was projected onto a screen behind the performer.

Curious Robot

The robot mechanism has 5 degrees of motion driven by industrial servo motors, via a combination of zero backlash harmonic drive gear reducers and a tensioned cable system.  Engineer Scott Ebdon built all the mechanical parts.   Slip rings in the base allow transmission of control signals plus video signals from the tiny camera on the robot's head.

And here's some actual video of the live performance in London!

Robot Dancer from Gerald Thompson on Vimeo.

For more detailed info check this link to Margie Medlin's site with more stills of the robot...    Personal Space