BFG - "Mantis" Motion Control Software.

Motion Control software for the film industry made most advances in the days of DOS and ISA bus PC's. Kuper and Flair are the stalwarts of this era - they are capable but expensive and have restrictive hardware requirements. New software such as DragonFrame has implemented a limited interface aimed at stop motion. Kessler CineDrive has a funky processor with bling, but will tie you in forever to their proprietary hardware and addons. Mantis is a modern and sophisticated solution offering an economical solution for truly flexible and precise motion control. It provides all the most important features required for a broad range of motion control applications, field tested in professional situations.

I have developed user friendly Mantis software based on a powerful and accurate Dynomotion Kflop processor.  Internal processing is double precision math with a processing rate of over 10,000hz.  Motor step control signals can be generated at up to 500khz.  The program will run on any Windows laptop, also under "Parallels" on a Mac. Already this software is in use around the world in over 10 countries. The controller supports up to 8 axes of accurate coordinated motion and is compatible with virtually all step motor drivers and many servo drives. It also has external connections for encoders, camera triggers, external sync inputs and general purpose outputs. The controller is supplied as part of a total package with free advice and updates - please contact me for details.

Mantis II = 8 motor channels with unlimited keyframes...

- Supports accurate simultaneous recording from 8 inputs with limits. Encoder devices, USB Joystick / gamepad devices are supported.

- Now with DMX lighting module using an accessory Open DMX USB addon.

- Instant playback as slow as you like, and up to 400 fps.

- Easy intuitive Timelapse SMS and continous motion blur modes.

- Intuitive mouse control of keyframed curves with real time feedback. Zoom, scroll, add, move, delete keys.

- Rich and expanding tool set for scaling and offsets.

- Velocity and Acceleration curves can be viewed for more precise editing of smooth motion curves.

- Import and Export Kuper Ascii camera move files for CGI - also direct ex[port to Maya ascii.

- Audio wav and Mp3 file synchronised playback - clumsy external sync systems not longer required.

- Phase accurate sync to frame pulse direct from most film and digital cameras.

- Direct control of DSLR shutters without additional electronics interfaces.

- Programmable GPO's for triggering external devices.

The curve editor allows axis curve creation and editing using keyframes.  The velocity and acceleration curves provide extra insight into how your rig will behave in real time.

The setup tab allows setting up the basic parameters of all motor axes, control inputs and GPO's. All settings are saved on shutdown.

The new DMX module allows control of any DMX fixture with HSL as well as RGB for easy adjustment of 3 colour lights.

Mantis requires a USB motion controller. The unit has step and direction outputs for 8 motors plus encoder inputs and numerous IO's which can be programmed for dedicated functions. Suitable for realtime liveaction as well as Stop Motion and TimeLapse photography.

Please contact me for more details and sales.